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PTO Announcements
  • January PTO meeting
    Please join us Tuesday, January 31st at 8 AM for our PTO meeting.  We will be electing a new president.  Also, you will hear about the cookie dough fundraiser that just recently kicked off.  We still have to take a look at what we can provide as a PTO this year from the funds we have raised and continue to raise.  We hope to see you there.
  • Cookie Dough Fundraiser
    This year's cookie dough fundraiser kicks off Monday, January 30th and will run through February 14th.  We are really hoping to do well with this sale so that we may continue to provide the very best for our students and staff.  There are a lot of really neat prizes and awards that students can earn.  Many of them are so attainable.  For instance, you only have to sell ONE item to be able to attend the Mas Science presentation.  If you sell just 10 items, you get to have 30 minutes of play in the mobile game room that will come to school.  The top selling class in pre-k through 3rd grade will receive a popcorn party.  The top selling class in 4th-8th grade will receive a pizza party.  Let's make this an awesome fundraiser!  And the date to turn in your order forms is easy to remember--Valentine's Day.
  • Box Tops
    We are already collecting box tops for the second semester submission.  The last day to turn in your box tops for this semester's submission is February 23rd.  This will allow us time to have the submission in the mail by the postmark date required.   Please continue to send them in and let's see how much we can earn.  The more we submit, the bigger the check we receive!
  • Contact PTO
    If you have questions, need to contact PTO for anything, or would like to have your e-mail address added to our mailing list to ensure you receive all the latest PTO news, you may send an e-mail to pto@grove.k12.ok.us.  We would be more than happy to help you in any way we can!